Umpiring update

To all players

Regrettably and disappointingly I must inform you of the deterioration in pitch behaviour towards umpires.  This is occurring across all leagues and all levels and is a poor reflection on our sport, on teams and on the individuals concerned.  This must stop and stop now.  

It should not be necessary to remind everyone that umpires are essential to the game, also that our umpires willingly volunteer, giving up their time so that matches can be well officiated.  They deserve our thanks and respect, not abuse.  We are working hard to appoint umpires for all matches and to strengthen our umpiring squad. Please do not discourage them with poor and unacceptable behaviour.  

May I also remind you that you sign up to play hockey under our code of ethics.  Please re-read them here ( and note the importance we place on respect.

Guidance is going to our umpires regarding greater use of cards to address poor behaviour. I also remind team captains of their responsibility to ensure team discipline and that captains can and should be carded for the actions of their team.  Umpires please note.  Persistent offenders will also face sanctions through our Disciplinary Committee.

To our many umpires, I apologise if you have been subjected to poor behaviour from players. I hope for and expect an immediate improvement.  

Paul Masterton


Jersey Hockey