Jersey Hockey Governance

Hockey is a vibrant, growing and international sport, played in more than 120 countries and in global, including the Olympics.

Hockey is played across the generations, is a game for life, for families and for friends. While valuing and respecting the history and traditions of the sport, hockey is continually evolving, delivering an exciting and dynamic game, eager to innovate and striving for success.

The role of Jersey Hockey Limited (JHL), reflecting the global aspirations and values of the sport, is to ensure that hockey in Jersey continues to thrive. Our vision is for the sport grounded with enduring values - Passion Fun Respect - with growing participation, increased visibility and sustained success. Key to this vision is to ensure a healthy environment for the sport to prosper, on and off the pitch, including ethical governance, finance responsibility and player discipline, together with effective coaching, administration and umpiring, supported with the right infrastructure and player facilities.

President Paul Masterton*
Vice President David Stearn*
Fiona Gower*
Treasurer Ian Cuming
Secretary Sarah Heelis*
Hockey Operations James Wetherall
Funding and Clubhouse David Stearn*
Finance and Legal Sean O'Flaherty
Performance and Development Dominic Pallot
Shelagh Herbert
Marketing and Communication Phil Cuming

(*Jersey Hockey Limited Board Members)

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