Jersey Hockey provides comprehensive  insurance cover for members, players, coaches and umpires, together with  liability cover for third parties and the general public.    Members should familiarise themselves with the cover provided by JHL and ensure that this is sufficient to cover their individual needs.  Please scroll down to read Jersey Hockey's insurance statement.

 All members, players, coaches and umpires are required to act responsibly  to ensure that they do not cause injury or damage while participating in the sport.    

Should you have any questions relating to our insurance cover please contact Ian Cuming at


Jersey Hockey Limited (“JHL”) provides comprehensive range of insurance cover for its members, its facilities and for third party liability.  The various covers are described below and now also include personal accident cover, travel insurance, Directors & Officers cover and Dental insurance.  Copies of these polices are available on request to the Company Secretary.

JHL takes the health and welfare of its members and participants seriously and is committed to providing a safe and secure environment for the playing of hockey in Jersey and for players travelling off-island to compete.  Our approach includes proving a comprehensive range of insurance policies, the terms and conditions for which are reviewed annually.

It is the responsibility of all members and participants in the sport to familiarise themselves with the insurance cover provided by JHL and to ensure that this is sufficient for their individual needs and, if not, to take out additional personal cover as required.

While JHL maintains appropriate insurance cover it remains the responsibility for all members, players, coaches and umpires to act appropriately at all times while participating in, watching, or using hockey facilities to ensure that their actions do not cause injury or financial loss to others or damage to property. While accidents may unfortunately happen, should those involved be negligent in their actions they may be legally liable.  

Personal Accident Policy

While playing or participating in hockey this policy covers death, loss of sight in one or both eyes, loss of one of more limbs, total loss of speech, total loss of hearing, in one or both ears.


While travelling off-island for playing or participating in hockey, this policy covers medical costs, cancellation of travel, personal liability (example if you cause an accident), legal expenses, hospital costs, loss or theft of personal property or cash, hijack, kidnap or detention, emergency evacuation

Commercial Combined (including third party/public liability & Abuse cover)

This policy covers contents and equipment in storage rooms, the new clubhouse and maintenance equipment, stock, floodlights and scoreboards, malicious damage to the pitch, storm, flood, accidental damage and malicious damage to the facility and pitch, This policy also covers liabilities to third parties and the public (£5 million liability cover).  The policy also includes abuse liability (£5 million liability cover)

Legal expense liability cover

Directors & Officers Insurance cover in relation to Jersey Hockey Limited as a legal entity

Dental Cover

This policy, available to members and families at an additional cost, covers worldwide dental injury, emergency dental treatment, dentist call out fees, hospital cash benefit and mouth cancer cover (up to £20,000).


Click here to see Jersey Hockey's Accident Report Form. This form should be completed by a team's captain or manager or coach for any member, player, coach or umpire who gets injured whilst attending hockey coaching or matches. This form should be submitted to the Jersey Hockey Administrator either by emailing the form to or by sending to The Moorings, La Marquanderie Hill, St Brelade, Jersey, JE3 8EP.

If you have any queries on insurance or on the accident report form please email

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