Match Reports 2020/2021


4th & 5th September 2020


Rathbones Men’s Division 1

OV Convicts 2 – JHC Leopards 3

On Tuesday OV Convicts belatedly clinched the Rathbones Division 1 title with a win over JHC Tigers. On Saturday they lost the first match of their title defence for season 2020/21 in a closely competed match with Tigers’ clubmates, JHC Leopards.

Leopards opened the scoring after 25 minutes through a perfectly executed reverse stick shot from Charlie Mossop whose strike evaded Convicts goalkeeper Alex Noel who made several saves and interceptions throughout the match.

The lead did not last for long as Convicts equalised after 29 minutes when Tom Boarer deflected into the goal a Peter Millar flick at a penalty corner. Millar repeated his effort with a drag flick at a subsequent penalty corner which ended the first half giving Convicts a 2-1 lead.

The game was payed at a frenetic pace throughout with the ball moving up and down the pitch as both sides pressed to improve their score, with Leopards probably having the better command of the pitch and Convicts thanking goalkeeper Alex Noel for denying their opponents on various occasions.

Leopards finally equalised when a defensive error led to the ball being passed to Jamie Bolton who was in a central position on the Convicts 22 metre line. Bolton took the ball into the Convicts D and struck the shot past Noel to the delight of his team mates and supporters watching from the balcony of the Jersey Hockey Clubhouse.

Leopards increased the pressure on a hard working Convicts defence and were awarded a penalty corner in the dying moments on the match. Just as Convicts had finished the first half with their goal, so did Leopards as Nick Pearce drove a drag flick past Noel to give Leopards a 3-2 victory.

Victoria College 1stXI 2 – Crusaders 10

Earlier in the day Crusaders began their Rathbones Division 1 campaign with a dominant performance over Victoria College 1stXI. Tom Millar (4), Jay Cracknell(2), Bill Millar, Simon Hurry, Harry Hutchinson and Mark Boarer shared 10 goals, whilst Tom Healey and Ethan Toudic replied for the College team.

It is always difficult for the school teams so early in the season as they bring together a new squad of players who have not had the opportunity to previously play or train together as a group, but they did respond with two goals and will improve as the season progresses.

Rathbones Men’s Division 2

Island Ladies 1stXI 2 – OV Victoriana 4

The opening weekend of the Rathbones hockey season actually began on Friday evening under the floodlights at Les Quennevais with OV Victoriana beating the Island Ladies 1stXI by four goals to two.

Euan MacArthur opened the scoring for Victoriana within the first minute of the match, but if his team mates thought that signalled an easy victory ahead, they were mistaken. The match was fought competitively on equal terms by both teams, the difference mainly being the Ladies lacking a final touch in front of goal. Victoriana scored a second just before the break and two more during the second half, but with the last action of the game, the Ladies converted a penalty corner to reduce the deficit.

JHC Lions 0 – JHC Vintage 4

This “derby” match between the two Jersey Hockey Club teams was closer than the scoreline indicates, being goalless when both teams took the half time break. It was truly a game of two halves and two goalkeepers with James Stearn stopping numerous shots in the first half as Vintage had most of the play. In the second half it was Paul Duckworth who kept his team in the game with Lions applying more pressure. However, Vintage scored twice early and then late in the second half to secure the victory with two goals from Alasdair Hall and singles from Rob Hurry and Peter Taylor.

VC Colts 2- Victoria College 2ndXI 5

Another “derby” match was played between VC Colts and their slightly older school counterparts, Victoria College 2ndXI. As previously identified, it is difficult for the school teams so early in the campaign and both teams will improve; indeed, last season’s VC 2ndXI captured the Division 2 title. This match demonstrated that the greater experience and physical maturity of the older players gave them the advantage over their younger counterparts, but the Colts scoring two goals rewards their efforts and talents.

Forthcoming matches

On Monday 7thSeptember Hautlieu and JHC Tigers meet at 7.30 under the floodights at Les Quennevais as both teams begin their 1stDivision campaign.

Tuesday 8thSeptember at 7.30 is the last match of the 2019/20 Covid interrupted season as Convicts and Victoria College 1stXI meet in the Rathbones Senior Cup Final.

On Friday 11th and Saturday 12th there is a full programme of Rathbones Men’s Division 1 and Division 2 matches, whilst also on Saturday at 16.00 the Rathbones Ladies Division 1 season begins with a match between title holders RWB and runners up, Nomads.

Further Rathbones Ladies Division 1 and Division 2 matches take place on Sunday 12thSeptember.

A full fixture list can be found on the website

For anyone interested in taking up the Sport the Back to Hockey sessions begin on Sunday 13thSeptember at 08.45. The sessions run for about 1 hour and start with learning and practising the basic skills of hockey, this is based on each player’s level of ability and we try to introduce new skills each week and make it fun. Anyone interested please enquire further at: