Jersey O35s ready to contest for final place

After coming through their quarter-final match against Boston Spa on penalty strokes, Rathbones Jersey Over 35s are preparing to take on Harleston Magpies this Sunday in the semi-final of the England Hockey Masters Trophy. Victory would take the team to their third consecutive final at Lee Valley stadium.

Date: Sunday 12th March

Start time: 11:30

Venue: Les Quennevais Sports Centre


  1. Laura Besnard (GK)
  2. Trudy Dillon-Nugent
  3. Tracey Vallois
  4. Helen Richardson
  5. Zoe Smart
  6. Jenna Johnson-Rayner
  7. Lucy Aston
  8. Kelly Cutting (capt)
  9. Ciara McQuaid
  10. Becky Henwood-Darts
  11. Kerry Rogers
  12. Chrissie Helmholt-Kneisel
  13. Sarah Smith
  14. Sarah Heelis

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Jersey O35s ready to contest for final place