Corporate League 2018

The Corporate League will begin on 5th June 2018.  This year we have 16 teams involved and the fixtures are as follows:-

Corporate League Fixtures 2018

Group A Teams: SWG, PwC, Educators, Ogier, Rathbones, 
Group B Teams: VG, Standard Bank, Pinnacle, Estera, Affinity,
  First Names, Pinel Advocates, Integritas
  Intertrust, BNP Paribas, Mitchell

  Group A    
  Group B    
Tuesday 5th June      
Tuesday 5th June      
1830-1910 SWG v PwC
1830-1910 VG v Standard Bank
1915-1955 Educators v  Ogier
1915-1955 Pinnacle v Estera
2000-2040 Rathbones v First Names
2000-2040 Affinity v Intertrust
Thursday 7th June      
Thursday 7th June      
1830-1910 Pinel Advocates v Integritas
1830-1910 BNP Paribas v Mitchell
1915-1955 Ogier v PwC
1915-1955 Estera v Standard Bank
2000-2040 First Names v Educators
2000-2040 Intertrust v Pinnacle
Thursday 14th June      
Thursday 14th June      
1830-1910 Integritas v Rathbones
1830-1910 Mitchell v Affinity
1915-1955 SWG v Pinel Advocates
1915-1955 VG v BNP Paribas
2000-2040 PwC v First Names
2000-2040 Standard Bank v Intertrust
Thursday 21st June      
Thursday 21st June      
1830-1910 Educators v Integritas
1830-1910 Pinnacle v Mitchell
1915-1955 Rathbones v Pinel Advocates
1915-1955 Affinity v BNP Paribas
2000-2040 Ogier v SWG
2000-2040 Estera v VG
Tuesday 26th June      
Tuesday 26th June      
1830-1910 Integritas v PwC
1830-1910 Mitchell v Standard Bank
1915-1955 Pinel Advocates Educators
1915-1955 Intertrust v Estera
2000-2040 SWG v Rathbones
2000-2040 VG v Affinity
Thursday 28th June      
Thursday 28th June      
1830-1910 First Names v Ogier
1830-1910 BNP Paribas v  Pinnacle
1915-1955 PwC v Pinel Advocates
1930-2010 Standard Bank  v BNP Paribas
2000-2040 Educators v Rathbones


Tuesday 3rd July      
Tuesday 3rd July      
1830-1910 Ogier v Integritas
1830-1910 Estera v Mitchell
1915-1955 First Names v SWG
1915-1955 Intertrust  v VG
2000-2040 Rathbones v PwC
2000-2040 Affinity v Standard Bank
Thursday 5th July      
Thursday 5th July      
1830-1910 SWG v Educators
1830-1910 VG v Pinnacle
1915-1955 Pinel Advocates v Ogier
1915-1955 BNP Paribas v Estera
2000-2040 Integritas v First Names
2000-2040 Mitchell v Intertrust
Tuesday 10th July      
Tuesday 10th July      
1830-1910 PwC v Educators
1830-1910 Standard Bank Pinnacle
1915-1955 First Names v Pinel Associates
1915-1955 Estera v  Affinity
2000-2040 This slot to be used for any matches which need to be rearranged
2000-2040 This slot to be used for any matches which need to be rearranged
Thursday 12th July      
Thursday 12th July      
1830-1910 Integritas v SWG
1830-1910 Intertrust v BNP Paribas
1915-1955 Ogier v Rathbones
1915-1955 Mitchell v VG
2000-2040 Pinnacle Affinity
2000-2040 This slot to be used for any matches which need to be rearranged


Thursday 19th July        

1830-1910 Best of the Rest "Novices" Allstars* v Best of the Rest "Novices" Allstars*  

1915-1955 2nd Place Group A v 2nd Place Group B  

2000-2040 Winner Group A v Winner Group B  


*teams not playing in the play off matches name their 'all star novices' and those players will be put into two teams.