Rathbones Jersey Hockey Boys U14 - Festival of Hockey in Guernsey

The Rathbones Jersey Boys’ U14s hockey squad of 28 boys and 6 coaches travel to Guernsey on Sunday, January 29th to participate in this season’s U14 Festival of Hockey. The squad, split into three teams, will play a 7-a-side tournament with each team playing each other and their Guernsey counterparts.

Lead coach, Neil Merritt, is looking forward to the day; “One of the most rewarding aspects of coaching this age-group is observing how quickly the boys improve their Hockey over the course of a season. Whilst this Festival of Hockey is their first opportunity to represent Jersey in the sport, and will no doubt be an exciting experience for them, the chance to showcase those skills they have so quickly learned against new and different opposition will make for a terrific day”


Ben Bryon, Liam Cadoret, Robin Carnegie, Oliver Cawley, Toby Clark, Ned Crosby, Oliver Flemmer, Lucas Gaynor, Caspar Gleave, Tom Healey, Brett Hunter, Matthew Jones, Dylan Kotedia, Josh Le Maistre, Blake Macrae, Billy Malzard, Rusden Merritt, Joel Moffat, Robbie Mossop, Harvey Pallent, Finn Rogers, James Stearn, Jake Thomas, Ethan Toudic, Jared Toudic, Ben Van Eijden, Archie Willetts, Oliver Williams


Time Pitch 1 Pitch 2

11.30 - 11.52 Guernsey Panthers v Jersey Leopards Guernsey Pumas v Jersey Lions

11.55 - 12.17 Jersey Lynx v Guernsey Jaguars Jersey Leopards v Guernsey Pumas

12.20 - 12.42 Jersey Lynx v Guernsey Panthers Jersey Lions v Guernsey Jaguars

12.45 - 13.07 Jersey Leopards v Jersey Lions Guernsey Panthers v Guernsey Pumas

13.10 - 13.32 Guernsey Pumas v Guernsey Jaguars Jersey Lions v Jersey Lynx

13.35 - 13.57 Jersey Leopards v Jersey Lynx Guernsey Jaguars v Guernsey Panthers

14.00 - 14.22 Jersey Lions v Guernsey Panthers Guernsey Jaguars v Jersey Leopards

14.25 - 14.57 Jersey Lynx v Guernsey Pumas