Corporate League 2017

The 2017 Corporate League is underway and fixture dates and times can be found here Fixture List

  • Affinity
  • Educators
  • Equiom
  • First Names
  • Intertrust
  • Ocorian
  • Ogier
  • Pinnacle Trustees
  • PwC
  • Rathbones
  • SWG
  • Standard Bank

The latest league standings are shown below and a goalscorers' list can be viewed at League Table


Played11 Won8 Drawn1 Lost2 Goals For36 Goals Against20 Goal Difference16 Total Points25


Played11 Won6 Drawn2 Lost3 Goals For35 Goals Against31 Goal Difference4 Total Points20


Played11 Won6 Drawn2 Lost3 Goals For29 Goals Against26 Goal Difference3 Total Points20

Standard Bank

Played11 Won6 Drawn2 Lost3 Goals For34 Goals Against32 Goal Difference2 Total Points20

First Names

Played11 Won5 Drawn4 Lost2 Goals For32 Goals Against24 Goal Difference8 Total Points19


Played11 Won5 Drawn3 Lost3 Goals For21 Goals Against19 Goal Difference2 Total Points18


Played11 Won5 Drawn2 Lost4 Goals For27 Goals Against25 Goal Difference2 Total Points17


Played11 Won4 Drawn1 Lost6 Goals For24 Goals Against33 Goal Difference-9 Total Points13


Played11 Won3 Drawn3 Lost5 Goals For25 Goals Against26 Goal Difference-1 Total Points12


Played11 Won3 Drawn1 Lost7 Goals For19 Goals Against28 Goal Difference-9 Total Points10

Pinnacle Trustees

Played11 Won2 Drawn1 Lost8 Goals For23 Goals Against34 Goal Difference-11 Total Points7


Played11 Won1 Drawn2 Lost8 Goals For16 Goals Against24 Goal Difference-8 Total Points5

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